Riding The SnapChat Wave

It is no secret that SnapChat is one of the hottest apps right now. With companies like Google and Facebook throwing billions of dollars at Evan Spiegel, a 23-year-old Stanford graduate, it is clearly evident that the newest app is extremely popular.

Snapchat is a fun and simple app that lets you send pictures and videos to your friends for a maximum of 10 seconds and then they are gone forever. The app offers a fun, user-friendly way to communicate with friends and family. Snapchat-flashy-features

However, many companies are starting to use SnapChat as a marketing technique. What better way to get your product or message out there than using a platform that is one of the most sought after means of social media? Companies large and small are now utilizing SnapChat to spread news, images, videos, promotions and even messages to their target audiences via SnapChat.

I recently added Taco Bell on SnapChat and they do a really good job of utilizing the social media platform. Their SnapChats are quick, colorful, and creative. Being concise and getting your message across efficiently and effectively is highly important in today’s fast paced world.

However, I would not agree this is the same case with ASP, Association of Surfing Professionals. This organization has not fully grasped the useful opportunities SnapChat offers. Sure, they cater valuable pictures and videos to the surfing industry through SnapChat, but they ineffectively use the app. After adding them on Snapchat a few weeks ago, I have become increasingly annoyed with their usage. They often have over 200 seconds stories on SnapChat, which is very lengthy.

When compared to Taco Bell, ASP does not target their audiences in the same way by not advertising events in the short concise way Taco Bell does leaving memorable impressions.

SnapChat can be an effective tool to communicate with an audience, but like any other form of communication, it has to be conveyed effectively and efficiently.


One thought on “Riding The SnapChat Wave

  1. It’s interesting how companies adapt to the different forms of social media that become available. I agree, 200 seconds of story would be a little too long to stay engaged. That’s only three minutes, but for an app that is designed for instant, short stories, it’s too much. Also, adding Taco Bell to my friends list ASAP.

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